AViBridge Systems is a foremost aviation firm with a network of operations in major airports in Nigeria and a set of connections worldwide. The company is made up of young specialists each with over 15 years of qualitative and professional services in the aviation sector. The quality of our services to foreign and local airline operators has earned us recognition and accreditation from the regulatory authorities in the aviation sector.




To be the foremost aviation logistics firm that provides first-class aviation support services anchored by integrity and transparency.




Providing aviation support services to Aviation and Oil & Gas Companies, helping them reduce cost, and ensuring quick turnaround time in their operations.




Our corporate logo bears the:

‘Sky’––signifying the airspace,

‘Land’––indicating the airstrip, and

‘Slanting bar’, AViBridge Systems connects the Airspace and the Airstrip.


The logo signifies the company’s vantage position to ensuring a safe bridge between Land and Air.  


Our Services​

Our company serves foreign airline operators flying into any Nigerian Airport and major airports of the world.


Aviation Experts

Our team is made up of young specialists each with over 15 years of professional services in the aviation sector.

customer service

Top Notch Services

We provide all our clients with quality, transparent, efficient and dedicated services all year round.


Speeded Work

You can rely on us to get you to your destination in lightning speed and with style without any complain.