In the world of aviation business, AViBridge Systems understands the essence of abiding by the rules, discretion and confidentiality. Our personnel are specially selected, highly motivated individuals. The only language they understand is ‘efficiency and trustworthiness’.

 Our job is to provide personalized range of world-class services, making touchdown, stopover and departure as smooth as possible for airlines operators. Our areas of specialization include:

aircraft refuel

Aircraft Refueling

Aircraft Refueling (JET A1 and AVGAS) Arrangement.

Arrangement of fuel for Corporate flights.

flight dispatchers

Provision of Flight Dispatchers

Provision of Flight Dispatchers

Provision of Professional Aviation Personnel

ramp service

Provision of Ramp Assistants and Baggage Handlers

Provision of Professional Aviation Personnel

air charter

Aircraft Charter Brokering/Aviation Consultancy

protocol services

Airport Protocol Services

VIP meet and greet Services with or without security

Facilitation through Check-in / immigration / Customs e.t.c.

airstrip management

Airstrip Management and Documentation

Provision of Airstrip Management Services

Facilitation of Airstrip Inspections, Airstrip Licenses renewal, Airstrip Audits for Compliance.


Inspection/Licensing of Helipad & Aerodromes

helicopter landing officers

Provision of Helicopter Landing Officers (HLO)

Provision of Professional Aviation Personnel.

ramp services

Ramp Handling Services


Over-flight/Landing Permits

Over-flight/Landing Permits/Flight Plans/Weather and NOTAM

aviation training

General Aviation Training

passengers and crew

Passenger and Crew Assistance (VIP Passengers)

aircraft cleaning

Aircraft Cleaning and Fumigation Services