Beyond technology and advanced facilities, our strength clearly lies in our people. Their skills, dedication and spirit set us apart. Today, we face big challenges in the way we operate and the way we compete. As a leading aviation company, we are in a prime position to capitalize on the opportunities in our environment. Our employees are a key part of our success drive.


We have focused on building our company around experienced, accomplished, and highly qualified professionals. The enthusiasm and commitment of all of our people is the cornerstone of our current and future success.


We strive to be the employer of choice for top talents, attracting and retaining the most suitable people in the aviation sector. Our environment encourages and supports the best people, enabling them to succeed. Teamwork and consultation are emphasized, with a sustained focus on continuous training and delivery of outstanding client service.


In line with our continued focus on employee advancement, the Human Resource Department formulates better human resource policies. One of the main responsibilities of the Human Resource Department is to actively strive to improve the quality of work life of the employees.

Outstanding Partnership with Foreign Airline Operators

AViBridge Systems serves as the flight-support-platform to any airline coming into Nigeria. It also bridges the gap between the operator’s home-base procedures and the aircraft’s destination.


With a workforce of dedicated aviation experts, the company serves foreign airline operators flying into any Nigerian Airport and major airports of the world. We put our proficiency to bear in our handling services. The main concern at AViBridge Systems includes great teamwork, safety/environmental issues and outstanding human resources development.


Our Partners

As a result of our determination to live up to promises, top operators in the industry have since partnered with us in recognition of our vision. We guarantee ground-based aviation logistics in all Nigerian airports.


The operators who entrust their operations in our hands include: Government Airlines/Presidential Jets, Private Jets Owners, Embassies, Corporate Organizations, Aviation Services Companies, International Airlines. AViBridge Systems is known for its expertise in aviation services for VIPs, Government, Passengers and Cargo Carrier Flights operating in Nigeria Airports.